Monday, 26 December 2011

Review Career for Job Growth

Again a new year is on your way… Christmas and New Year celebrations are hanging on the air. On every New Year we all will have a resolution to look upon the year. You set our short-term goals to beat on the go. Building a strategy to bring your dreams true will always gift a pleasant feeling. But the foremost thing is to review your past year with all its ups and downs. To heighten your career, of course along with crafting your strategy you need to evaluate it. Most of the companies set a year-end career review. But you need it do personally, to balance the work-life integration and to intensify a positive career growth.

Well, there you will meet so many opinions on what you did. Some may regret, some may praise you. But to know what you actually, do analyze yourself. No one knows you better than you. Do you think, you should have to get help? There is nothing big deal. Of course, you can get help from others to analyze you. But, you make sure that the person will evaluate you without sentiments. If you can point out your mistakes, believe in yourself, you are the best person to depend for reviewing your past year.

Don’t be delayed to assess the setbacks, progress, and future plans on your career. Get a clear picture of your career and make clear your career path on the next year. Craft it right now. You need to make your dreams come true. Make use of few guidelines, you can do it.

1. Go to the Calm Place:

Thinking to sit on your drawing room or, office room? That does not sound good. Get some fresh and sit alone. You need to sit in a quite calm place as you have to systematically and independently approach your artifacts from year of work.

2. Take Your Pen and Clipboard:

Oops, it is not a classroom test but obviously a written test where you set the questions and you write down the answers.  Yeah, you don’t want to miss out even a single progress or even a single drawback you made it on your way. While writing down your career experience of the past year, your brain also experiences the neuron impulse of what is wrong and what is right. It is not the better choice to work with Excel on your computer. Go for pen and paper.

3. Criticize:

Now you have all important experience of your last year career noted on your paper. Just look at your achievements, the skills you learned, and the opportunities you made use of. Analyze the perks on your career as you might accomplish some unlisted goals in your career. Check the list to find where you couldn’t do well. Points out your career interest and how much satisfied you are. Do you need to fix some job related issue? Mind it… You have to put that in your New Year resolution. See, your achievements… Be confident, you have to move ahead. Keep it in mind; there is no ‘stable career’ but ‘career growth’ and ‘career decay’.

4. Compare

Comparing your career experience with your colleague’s will help you to uncover few points which you missed out. Find out the achievements they made successfully. Why your manager put his/her name on Employee Recognition Programme?  It is not to figure out whether you are superior to them or inferior. Instead of that, take it as an example to fetch a good performance on the next year. Though you are good at doing your job and even if you enjoying it well, reform your activities to get bankable opportunities to learn new skills.

5. Meet your Mentor

Just visit your mentor, the one who have much insight on you. It may be your friend, your spouse, your Godfather or your teacher whoever it is; it is the time to meet him/her. It will help you to fix some career issues you face. They can enlighten you with some better ideas. Without any sentiments, they are the one who will give a better evaluation on your career style. Now you can craft your New Year declaration on calendar. Much better than the last year, is it? Keeps rock…

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